4D Workshop for Particle Therapy

The workshop took place at the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center, Texas, USA, from Friday, Oct. 21 to Saturday, Oct. 22.

The in-person 4D Workshop brought together global speakers in presentations about new trends in 4D clinical practice, 4D treatment planning, 4D imaging and 4D dosimetry.

Training sessions

  • Clinical perspective on 4D proton therapy
  • Physicist’s perspective on 4D proton therapy
  • Clinical implementation of the treatment of moving targets
  • ART – From offline to online to real-time
  • Potential of particle imaging for 4D particle therapy
  • 4DMRI: Sensing the motion uncertainty
  • Beyond 4DCT: It’s about time
  • AI-Assisted 4D and real-time imaging for radiotherapy treatment planning and delivery
  • Impact of respiratory motion on proton PBS FLASH radiotherapy
  • Motion management for the carbon ion beam therapy and FLASH beam delivery
  • 4D Motion mitigation techniques

Poster competition

All participants were invited to submit an abstract to contribute to our poster session.

This was a unique opportunity to contribute to a special issue in the PhiRO journal. The three highest-ranking abstracts earned a free publication in this special 4D workshop issue.

For questions, please contact Rola Georges or learn more online at MDAnderson.org/ProtonTherapyCourse.


4D Workshop - Planning Committee