List of Talks - LLU workshop 2020

Here is a list of the talks presented during the workshop sorted by the speaker’s first name:

Abdelkhalek Hammi Proton Radiography - A Tool Quantitative Imaging of Anatomical Changes in Head and Neck Patients
Anatoly Rosenfeld Microdosimetry-based Treatment Planning in Proton Therapy
Andrew Best The Impact of Proton Range Uncertainty on NCTP in Head and Neck Tumors - A New Project
Arthur Lalonde Projection-based CBCT correction using Monte Carlo simulations and deep convolutional neural networks for adaptive head and neck proton therapy
Carla Winterhalter Optimising Monte Carlo (GATE-RTion/GATE/Geant4) settings for clinical proton therapy
Catarina Veiga Image analysis for lung radiotherapy toxicity
Christina Sarosiek Optimizing the relaxation parameter for iterative pCT reconstructions
Daiki Hayakawa Development of iterative image reconstruction for track-based multiple scattering CT using a high-energy electron beam
Dan Low Replacing 4DCT: It’s about time
Esther Bär Particle versus photon imaging for proton radiotherapy - an experimental comparison
Ethan DeJongh Experimental Results from a Prototype Clinical Proton Imaging System
Felix Mas Milian Beam energy measurement using Time-of-Flight and innovative Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors in proton therapy
Feriel Khellaf A deconvolution method to improve spatial resolution in pCT
Florian Pitters Ion Beam Imaging Activities at TU Wien and the Austrian Institute of High Energy Physics
George Dedes Prescribing image noise using dynamic fluence field optimization: experimental results using a pre-clinical proton CT scanner
Hanh Nguyen Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis
Howard Heaton Adversarial Projections for Inverse Problems
Jakub Baran An update on the J-PET project
James Alan Keal Simplex noise as training data for learned 3D dose calculation
Jan Gajewski Commissioning of GPU-accelerated Monte Carlo code Fred for clinical applications in proton therapy
Jan Schuemann FLASH Proton Therapy – Potentials and Pitfalls
Jannis Dickmann Joint dose minimization and variance optimization for fluence-modulated proton CT
Jarle Rambo Sølie Removing the Front Tracker
Jorge Dominguez Ongoing developments for DNA plasmid damage modelingOngoing developments for DNA plasmid damage modeling
Jose Ramos Mendez A strategy to develop a Monte Carlo track-structure model for the reaction kinetics in biological tissue
Kirk Duffin Quaternions for Rotation and Orientation: An Overview
Lei Xing Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Imaging and Treatment Planning
Lembit Sihver The PHITS Monte Carlo Particle Transport Simulation Code (Educational Lecture)
Lennart Volz Comparing imaging modalities in homogeneous and heterogeneous tissues: status report on our PTCOG funded project
Lucas Norberto Burigo An update on the use of matRad for MC proton dose calculations (TBC)
Magdalena Garbacz A computational study on variable RBE using clinical data of patients treated with protons in Krakow
Marcin Pietrzak An overview on Jet Counter experimental nanodosimetry and track structure simulations
Nigel Allinson OPTIma - coping with more protons than you really need?
Nils Krah Scattering Proton CT
Omar Rodrigo García TOPAS-nBio implementation for handling temperature-dependent radiochemical yields
Pierluigi Piersimoni The single sided digital tracking calorimeter designed and developed by the Bergen pCT group
Prasanna Palaniappan Deformable image registration of the treatment planning CT with proton radiographies in perspective of adaptive proton therapy
Seyed Mohsen Hossein Proton CT image improvement with machine learning
Stuart Rowland Motion Adapted Reconstruction
Susanna Guatelli G4_Med, a Geant4 benchmarking tool for medical physics applications
Tai Dou A deep learning based model for predicting machine failures in proton therapy system
Walaa Moursi On the Douglas–Rachford algorithm
Xiadong Zhang Development of NTCP models for Proton Therapy (preliminary)
Yair Censor The role of superiorization as a tool between feasibility and optimization (Educational Lecture)