Talks day 3 - LLU workshop 2022

06:00 Cecile Ronckers: Quantitative Modeling of Long-term Outcomes in Cancer Survivors treated with Radiation Therapy
08:00 Abdelkhalek Hammi: The Impact of Ultra-High-Dose Rate (FLASH) Radiation Dose to Circulating Lymphocytes
08:30 Sonwabile Ngczu: An Investigation of Nanodosimetric Parameters Around a Proton Track
09:00 Monika Mietelska: Nanodosimetry based radiobiological outcomes prediction
09:30 Adrianna Tartas: Investigation of DNA damage repair dynamics of NBS1 foci in U2OS cells exposed to mixed beams
10:00 Irina Kempf: Simulating and improving the compact ion-counting track structure detector
10:30 Natasha Le: Gold Nanostars: Synthesis, Functionalization, & Application
11:00 João Canhoto: Repair kinetics of DSB-foci induced by proton and helium ion microbeams of different energies
11:30 Hanh Nguyen: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Particle Recognition in Mixed Radiation Field
13:00 Cristina Oancea: In-field and out-of-field microdosimetric characterization of proton beams using the Timepix3 detector
13:30 Sam Ingram: A model-based approach to quantifying miscounting of radiation-induced double-strand break immunofluorescent foci
14:00 Andrew Best: Progress In Quantifying NTCP Reduction By Reducing Proton Range Uncertainty
14:30 Lawrence Orijuela: Definition of the 3D Position and Motion Status of the Moving Heart based on 2D Projections
15:00 Stephen Sampayan: Linear induction accelerators as intense, high pulse rate, bremsstrahlung sources for FLASH-RT